Esperança & Neves :: Marketing of Yarn Wastes and Rags of Knitted Fabric and Flannel


The company’s activity area of Esperança e Neves, Lda. with already 40 years of experience is the combing, marketing of yarn wastes and rags of knitted fabric and flannel  in cotton selection for cleaning.

A constant research and development in the selection of the best materials bring to you, a product of the highest quality.

Branches of activities using our product:

  • Small and Medium-sized Industries;
  • Small and Large-sized workshops;
  • Cleaning Companies;
  • Heavy industry;
  • Metalworking;
  • Aeronautic Industry;
  • Graphics;
  • Etc..

From the very beginning, our philosophy on quality is not only related with the products that reach you. It also involves our attitude in the market from the selection and the preparation to the final consumer.




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